"Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all creation"  Mark 16:15


"Glorifying God Through His Creation."

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Creatures of Creation with Dan Breeding  Sermon Audio 4.19.09   

 Discover God's creation through close encounters with His mysterious creatures.  Be inspired by discovering biblical truths and experiencing an invigorating adventure! 

    Creatures of Creation
     is a Christian educational outreach ministry that focuses on the unique characteristics of God's amazing creatures while sharing Biblical truths and the Gospel of Jesus Christ

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    "Dan understands that whatever gifts and abilities you have, it's for a greater purpose. Whatever gifts we have we ought to be using them to influence people for the Gospel."

    Dr. Alvin Reid
    Associate Dean of Proclamation Studies
    Southeastern Seminary

    "God has given you a special ministry and you get through to people more than you might realize. I am encouraged by your message that God is the Creator, because I believe that unbelievers must realize this first."
                                                           Glenwood Baptist Church