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Wildlife Educator 
Animal Behaviorist 
Motivational Speaker
*Sleight of hand artist, Sleight of hand, also known as prestidigitation ("quick fingers") or légèreté des mains (for "lightness of hand")

 We come to you! Our animals are shown at corporate functions, school assemblies, outreach events, studio and production work among all types of events, inside or out!

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Studio and Production Photography, Commerical, TV and Film, email now to create a unique and "wild"  experience!

Corporate - Tired of the same year after year blasé? Call or email now to plan an experience your guest will not soon forget!

Private Engagements- 
Entertainment options are endless. Click now for entertainment ideas suited for adults and kids alike!
Prestidigitation- "More than Magic," challenge your mind to believe what you see! Click now to schedule your entertainment!

President Bush, Regis and Kelly, Charlie Gibson and Jay Leno have.  Click here to see who else!

Schools- More than just animal education.  Click  now to schedule your motivational, educational, character building, face-to-face wild animal encounter!
Churches- click now to schedule an outreach ministry that focuses on the unique characteristics of God's amazing creatures.

Email now to schedule the keynote event that connects the importance of individuality, reverence and nature!

Parents- Birthday parties, banquets, graduations and more!  Click now to schedule an unforgetable event!
Animal 911 If the hurt animal poses an immediate danger to people contact your local animal control imediately! Remember, often an animal is harmed more by inappropriate care. Click here for more info!